Cincinnati, Ohio – March 15, 2016. A group of veterans of the independent sector have formed a firm to help area nonprofits. “The challenges facing today’s organizations whether they serve a social or spiritual purpose, from plateaued fundraising and dwindling resources to listless boards and exhausted executives, are daunting. Yet their missions are tremendously important to our community’s quality of life. We want to assist these worthwhile entities as a way of continuing our own service to the community,” said Chip Harrod, the firm’s principal.

What we do …

  • Prepare organizations for change
  • Advise on program and fund development
  • Coach executives and boards
  • Broker valuable connections and partnerships
  • Build inclusive teams

How we do it …

With a team of seasoned professionals having broad experience in nonprofit and religious organizational leadership, and possessing a vast network of contacts in the public, private and independent sectors, we help you to evaluate your organization for its current and potential assets, and provide consultation to move your organization toward sustainability and growth.

“Our historic congregation had been losing members and funding for decades, but refused to accept the fate of so many mainline churches today – closure. We brought in Harrod and Associates LLC and with their guidance and involvement we now have hope of achieving a sustainable ministry. We have witnessed a renewed vitality in our congregational life inspired by our new pathway to serving God and the community.”

– Pastor Sam Wyatt. Philippus United Church Christ. Over the Rhine, Cincinnati

Who would benefit from our help?

  • Small- to mid-sized nonprofits, including churches, trending downward and in need of an intervention to save their mission before it’s too late.
  • Organizations that are languishing and in need of rejuvenation catalyzed by fresh and insightful thinking from experienced consultants.
  • Start-up and fledgling organizations seeking help in developing their case for support and strategic compass.

Who we are …

Our team features a diverse group of multi-talented nonprofit professionals recognized for their bridge-building skills, innovative and inclusive leadership, vision and growth strategies, and extensive community contacts.

Our fees are deferential to nonprofits!

For a free initial consultation & proposal and to learn more, give us a call.